BroadStream identity

 I have decided to keep the gradient as a main branding element and have introduced it in some of the stationery design. The gradient is perceptible as a simple line above or between the company contact details, as a plain bleeding element on the back of the letterhead or as a website background.  Business card, compliment slip, envelop and letterhead were printed on a uncoated GF Smith Smooth Colorplan Pristine White paper range, using a solid black and a warm red solid Pantone ink to make sure that all the graphical elements and texts remain extremely sharp even if printed in a really small size.  The font that we have chosen to accompany the symbol is the Scala Sans italic, which is a modern sans serif typeface. The italic font version enhances the idea of stream and motion. It is also important to note that this font is part of a large family that includes a more classic serif version and plenty of different weights. This is crucial to keep variations and consistency across all the forthcoming print and digital materials by using the same font family for headlines, strap lines and body texts.

See also BroadStream logo here.