BroadStream logo

 BroadStream is a US-based company providing playout solutions to the US business-to-business broadcast services market. In broadcasting, playout is a term for the transmission of radio or TV channels from the broadcaster into broadcast networks that deliver the content to the audience.  As the principal constitutive logo element I decided to work from the two main letters of the company name. The idea behind the BroadStream logo was to build, as always, a simple and iconic monogram element. The letter B and S can have some strong graphical similarities and I have therefore decided to blend them such a way that both letters are embedded in the same conclusive element. Such a sign produces a sophisticated optical effect that can reveal the letter B or S depending on the way the viewer looks at it. This structure is also bringing an idea of perpetual motion and action in its graphical construction as much as in the way the viewer vision is stimulated. The motion connotation is also carried by the fading gradient elements, which are the source of the two different reading levels.

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