Leagas Delaney identity

 Founded in 1980, Leagas Delaney is an integrated independently owned creative agency with a genuine and committed focus on business outcomes.  The company provides advertising services through its offices in London, Shanghai, Milan, Hamburg and Los Angeles. Specializing mainly in proving creative services, the independent agency's work has included print, television, and corporate campaigns. Once noted for its branding work on luxury goods, Leagas Delaney has expanded its portfolio of clients to include Patek Phillipe, Value Retail, Penfolds, British Red Cross, Shelter, Lil-Lets, Avon and more.  Tim Delaney, chairman at Leagas Delaney has shared with me his desire of adding to the company logo a more recognisable symbol. The original logo was constituted of the company name at a 45° angle, which I decided to keep. Changing the typographic style has been the first part of the research and has leaded to the choice of creating a symbol from the company name initials.  By associating and imbricating both letters L and D it became immediately obvious that the two entities were graphically supporting each other. The closed D shape at the bottom being more static and the open L shape at the top retaining and dragging up the D like a hook. In the same symbol we can ascertain at the same time notions of movement, strength, control and dynamism.