Bird Songs From Amazonia

 We have been invited by the movie director Harry Bracho to create a series of posters to promote his short movie Bird Songs from Amazonia.  We worked closely with Harry and decided to use the movie photographs to reflect within the posters the same tones, colours and atmosphere that you can find in the film sceneries. We decided to show two different point of views that can be related in the movie to the principal protagonist sight and situation. The first poster is depicting Emma watching intensely in one particular direction. It also puts us in the situation of the observer. The second poster shows what she sees, the dense Amazonian forest surrounding her. The last poster is a more illustrative image depicting the travel diary that she carries with her. The entire note book has been produced by the Venezuelan illustrator Sara Rincón  About the movie: A biologist from London goes to Amazonia to study the local flora. There she meets three other scientists from different nationalities and backgrounds. They advise her not to go near the Autana, a mountain regarded sacred by the local tribes, without a guide. She will do exactly the contrary.  The movie has been directed and written by Harry Bracho and stars Sarine Sofair, Mariaca Semprún, Mauricio Fallini, Pavel Raschupkin and Albert Arana.