Momart logo

 Momart is a UK based company providing specialist art transport, storage and art handling services for museums, galleries, artist and collectors worldwide.  When we embarked on the project the only brand asset used by Momart was their logotype and its dark blue colour, originally designed as a stand alone signage. The company advised that their logotype is well recognised in their industry and felt very strongly against applying major changes to it. We have worked around this specific requirement by keeping the original logotype and introducing a flexible element — the box symbol — which could be used as part of the logo as well as a stand alone mark. Basing this flexible element on the symbol of an opened up box felt like an obvious choice for a logistics company, which relies heavily on proper packaging and proudly produces one of the finest art transport crates on the market.  The intension behind the use of an adjustable symbol is primarily to demonstrate Momart’s ability to adapt to any situation and space. The symbol represents at the same time an open box ready to protect and fold around a bespoke content, and an open space depicting an art exhibition.