JH metallic business card

 Julien Hauchecorne has asked us to come up with a fresh identity and business card design for his new venture as a furniture designer.  Julien's logo originated from the combination of his initials and the use of multiple radical triangular shapes. We have also added Julien's handwritten signature to soften and personalise the look and feel.  The business card was printed on two different Colorplan papers manufactured by GFSmith. The ebony black paper on the contact detail side of the card is embossed with a subtle Coltskin pattern. A foil blocking technique was used on each side of the sheets before they were duplexed to reach a total of 700 gsm. Once the cards were trimmed to size, we used four different metallic foils, from gold to copper, to create a gradient around them. Each foil has been applied onto each side of the card using a fore-edge printing process.