OsteoHealth Clinic logo

 The OsteoHealth Clinic is a London based Clinic, created in August 2003 by Michael Korn. Michael founded the clinic based on the belief that by offering the highest quality of osteopathic care, in a friendly and comfortable setting, he could help his clients achieve better results and a far deeper sense of wellbeing.  OsteoHealth Clinic logo was designed using the letter O and C to illustrate an inside of a sliced bone. It was important to use elements in the correct proportions to portray the idea of healthy and balanced life. I wanted to give the notion that every side of the body is symmetrical and balanced on one vertical axis. The blue colour is a logical choice to translate wellbeing and calmness but also to relate to the health industry colour code.  OsteoHealth Clinic identity is set up using Din typeface designed in its earliest version by D. Stempel A.G. Foundry in Germany in 1923. Stationery is printed using only one single solid Pantone® ink and the logo symbol is embossed on a subtle uncoated smooth colorplan paper manufactured by GF Smith.