JH diffraction business card

 Julien Hauchecorne is an art dealer based in Paris, specialising in retro furniture and decorative art from 1970s.  Julien Hauchecorne was looking for a highly finished business card design but needed help and guidance in what was technically possible. I came up with two proposals, the diffraction cards version and the lime-green cards version, and we consented to produce 500 copies of each variation.  The diffraction version is printed on a subtle uncoated smooth paper manufactured by GFSmith, duplexed to reach 700 gsm. The cards have a deep debossed monogram logo on the front side. The backside is printed with a diffraction effect foil on a pristine white and ebony black duplexed substrate. The card is finished with a diffraction foil fore-edge printing process on the outside edges.