W Solutions identity

 I have decided to keep the three main key company services, Isolation Thermique, Isolation Phonique and Isolation Technique and to distribute them on each side of the stationery layout to create a frame structure and to put a prominence on the insulation notion.  Business cards have been printed on a white uncoated recycled paper with a standard CMYK print process. Compliment slip and letterhead have been printed on a common laser paper, as it was important for the company to be able to print their stationery in-house. I took this as a main guidance for the design direction. All office laser printers require a certain amount of space on either side of the paper to help feed it through, not allowing 'full bleed' print. Keeping a sufficient margin and avoiding any graphical elements to come too close to the edges have therefore been one of the essentials.  Regarding the typography, I decided to use the FF Absara Sans font family, designed by the French type designer Xavier Dupré in 2005. The Renaissance period was Xavier Dupré's inspiration for FF Absara Sans, companion to FF Absara Serif. It includes a wide palette of weights, and strikes a healthy balance between old and new, resulting in a handsome and legible face for many uses. Included headline cuts for more impact in big size.

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