We believe graphic design is a dialogue between the client, designer and the audience. We are interested in brand design and we believe that the most successful work can only be for brands that also share our approach. Brands that are driven to be about individual preference, to be entrepreneurial and that esteem the crafted qualities within the products they offer. To these we bring creativity, inventiveness, fresh design ideas, energy, dedication and sensitivity.  We consider ourselves being modernists, functionalists and the aesthetics always arise in the way. Our task consists of analysing the design project brief and solving the problem. We try as much as we can to distil, refine and extract the essential meaning and most important aspects into an objective way.

 The message and the style it should be presented in, flows out of this process. Having a non-dogmatic view, we solve problems with a personal, insightful and coherent approach. We take our customers’ wishes seriously and strive to match them with our own fundamental design and typographic principles, carrying our mark through both flexibility and integrity. This approach is adapted to each client, industry and to every project we undertake.  We do have a specific methodology of graphic design based heavily on typography.  The power lies in simplicity, moderation and unity, in the harmony of sound and the canon of rules.  We believe our job is achieved when it captivates the addressees with a rigorous aesthetics, expressing towards the people, the products and things they promote.

 DM Workroom is a graphic design and creative studio set up by Denis Mallet, a French graphic designer and art director based in London. Denis obtained fine art, graphic design and visual communication master degree in 2004 from the Toulouse School of Fine Art in France. Denis had the change to work as a graphic design tutor and assist the distinguished type, poster and book designers including François Chastanet, Alejandro Lo Celso, Władysław Pluta and Philippe Millot. 
 He has been developing his professional practice and knowledge as a graphic designer in France and Poland before setting up his studio in London in 2007.  DM Workroom Ltd registered office: 18 Kinnoul Road, London, W6 8NQ. Registered in England no 9066369.

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